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Potato People <3 Potato <3

Date: December 13, 2017

<3 POTATO <3

This unisex collection is perceptual story-telling and poetic interpretation about post soviet country Belarus. It merges two Belarusian cultural perspectives – on one side,it is based on the studies of traditions and mythologies referred to peaceful dragons from the forests. On the other side, is a reflection of modern day society and difficult social-political situation in Belarus. All pieces are made from traditional natural materials–linen and cotton, which mostly are produced in Belarus.

Through the handcraft techniques of screen-printing and dyeing, fine long lines and encrypted texts in Belarusian, were created as symbolic forms inspired from the story of the Dragon. Dragon in Belarusian mythology is a big peaceful creature that generally lives in the forests or in the lakes close to the people.It can have a tricky character but it is never aggressive. The clean and pure power, yet soft character of the dragon is manifested through the colours of the textile,with the finish of rough edges.

On the contrary – is the lighting and video set-up, the mood of modern melancholy life, yet not loosing hope in search of the inner dragons that sleep inside of everyone.